In July 2007 a group of Spanish Pastel painters created and legally registered our association ASPAS.
Our intention is that this association will fulfil in Spain the important role that in other countries other similar associations have been developing for years, in the promotion and development of Art of Pastel


          Why an association?
Everywhere where Pastel Societies were formed, the experience is unanimous after a few years:  Societies are able  to share experiences, techniques, progress in technique.. and also, recognition of pastel as a major medium has increased in proportion to the organization of activities and quality exhibitions.



Painters often regret the little support and little understanding for our work and to our painting technique


            We have often had to endure the ignorance of many alleged experts in painting which simply ignore this wonderful technique, one of the oldest.


            So we think it is important to allow us to know ourselves, and to organize collective exhibitions so that  our country can rediscover (or discover for the first time) the wonder of colour, texture, and light we can found in pastel.


            It is important to know painters and pastel paintings  elsewhere in the world, near and far

            So we take this step and launch the Spanish Pastel Society. Other associations of artists in other countries have also had its modest beginnings, and today brings together hundreds or thousands of painters, some of them of recognized national or international fame.


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ASPAS – Spanish Pastel Society is a legally registered association in the National Register of Associations of Spain, Nr. 593,517

His team is currently formed by:

President: José del Riego

Secretary: Sonia Montes

Treasurer: Rafael Cabo

Other team members: mbardía, Sonia Montes, Salvador Olmedo, Antonio Abad, Alberto Piedra, Diana Sobrado




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